Sai Ravela

Principal Investigator, MIT
Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Retrieval Engine, Relevance Feedback

Randy Westlund
Sloop System (DEI)

Joaquin Salas

Co-Investigator, IPN
Sloop Mexico Lead.
Pattern Recognition, Image Processing

Navi Tansaraviput
Sloop System (IPE)

Andy Hutcheon

Department of Conservation, New Zealand
Sloop New Zealand lead.

Skinks, Geckos, Sloop Deployment

Pablo Vera

Researcher, CICATA-IPN
Jewelled Geckos


Nayna Vyas-Patel

Sloop Insects Lead




Jason Holmberg

Ecocean USA


Dr. Lloyd Gamble, UMASS Amherst

Marbled Salamander Research


Michael Newton, MIT

Fast Correspondence based Matching


Emily Pitts, MIT

Distributed Closure on Graphs


Josh Runge, MIT

Illumination and Specularity


Fernando Shao, MIT

Manifold Learning


Chris Yang, MIT

Scale Cascaded Alignment


Chelsea Finn

Researcher, MIT
Whale Sharks, Hybrid Shape Contexts and  Relevance Feedback 


James Duyck

Researcher, MIT
Skinks,  Crowd Sourcing and Relevance Feedback , Sloop System